Section   Step–by–Step Directions TI Calculator
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x.xHow to evaluate functions I TI89 TI83/84
x.xHow to evaluate functions II TI89
x.xHow to input piecewise-defined functions TI89 TI83/84
x.xHow to input greatest integer (i.e., floor) function TI89 TI83/84
x.xHow to factor polynomials TI89 N/A
x.xHow to expand expressions TI89 N/A
2.2/2.3How to evaluate limits TI89 N/A
2.6How to find tangent line to a curve TI89 N/A
2.7How to find numerical derivatives TI89 N/A
2.7/2.8How to find derivatives TI89 N/A
2.8How to graph derivative functions TI89 N/A
1.7How to graph parametric equations TI89 TI83/84
3.xHow to solve equations TI89 TI83/84
3.3How to find regression equation TI89 TI83/84
3.4How to expand trig expressions with trig identities TI89 N/A
3.4How to find equivalent trig expressions with trig identities TI89 N/A
4.4How to find local/global minimums of functions TI89 TI83/84
4.4How to find local/global maximums of functions TI89
4.4How to find inflection points of functions TI89 N/A
4.8How to estimate roots (i.e., zeros) of functions TI89 TI83/84
4.8Newton's Method TI89 TI83/84
4.9How to draw direction fields TI89 N/A
4.9How to find the indefinite integral of a function TI89 N/A
5.1/5.2How to find Riemann sum TI89 TI83/84
5.1/5.2How to graph Riemann sum TI89 TI83/84
5.2How to calculate the summation of expressions TI89 N/A
5.2How to find the definite integral of a function TI89 N/A
5.4How to use FTC part 1 TI89 N/A