Example: Graph the slope field for the differential equation: y ′ = xy.
Steps Key Sequence Screens
1. Change Graphing Mode to Differential Equations Press MODE
  Press right arrow key
  Press 6 (for DIFF EQUATIONS)
  Press ENTER (to SAVE)
2. Enter Differential Equation Press Diamond key, then F1 (Y=)
NOTE: Use t for the independent variable and;
use y1 for y in the differential equation y1′, y2 for y in the differential equation y2′, etc.
  Type in differential equation
3. Change Solution Method Press Diamond, then | key (for Graph Formats Menu)
NOTE: Changing the solution method needs to be completed only once – we will not consider other solution methods in this course.
Choose EULER for Solution Method and SLPFLD for Fields.
4. Graph the Slope Field Press Diamond key, then F3 key
NOTE: You can zoom in or out on the graph using the F2 menu.
NOTE: You can change the resolution by pressing Diamond Key, then F2 and changing the value for fldres=.